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Specialty Programs

Supplement your Fox Fitness membership with specialty fitness classes. Click on the title of each program to learn more and register online.


Gentle Yoga for Active Adults

Experience the benefits of yoga on the floor with a mat or in a chair. Registration can be for either one day a week or two days a week. The instructor is Neeta Mahonty.

Exercise for 55 & Better

Low-impact aerobics, light resistance training, and flexibility work help participants gain stamina and strength for daily activities. This program is taught by certified group exercise instructor Lynda Carr.

Exercise for Better Balance & Strength

Those struggling with balance issues will benefit from Exercising for Better Balance & Strength. Standing or sitting (on provided chairs) participants will improve their quality of life for added strength, balance, flexibility, and mobility using intentional movement for physical wellness. Members receive a discount on the class fee!

Xtreme Hip-Hop*

Join the Xtreme Hip-Hop excitement! Taught and coached by certified Xtreme Fitness instructor Patrice Ellison, this step-based aerobic workout is guaranteed to burn major calories while having fun exercising & listening to music that’s going to keep you moving! Xtreme Fitness is a fitness movement created by the certified group and personal trainer Phil Weeden out of Cleveland, OH. *Drop-ins welcome for just $10/class for members ($12 non-member). Pay at the desk when you arrive for class!

Tai Chi for 55 & Better

Tai Chi is a gentle, low-impact mind-body workout with an emphasis on smooth continuous motion and deep breathing. Regular Tai Chi practice has been shown to improve balance, increase circulatory function, boost immune systems, and reduce stress. Tai Chi for 50+ is an adaptation of traditional Tai Chi Quan that does not require memorizing a form – no experience necessary, just follow along. This class is suitable for all ages and all levels of fitness, as well as for those with such conditions as Parkinson’s, fibromyalgia, and peripheral neuropathy, Beginners welcome! Instructor David Carr has been practicing Tai Chi for over 30 years.

Tai Chi Fit & Flow Sunday Morning

A gentle workout with emphasis on smooth continuous motion, deep breathing, and flow. Tai Chi Flow is suitable for all ages and levels of fitness, as well as for those with such conditions as Parkinson’s, fibromyalgia, and peripheral neuropathy. David Carr is the instructor and has been practicing Tai Chi for over 30 years.


Tai Chi Chuan

Tai Chi Chuan is a Chinese art of self-defense based on sensitivity, timing, and leverage rather than strength. Practiced mostly with slow, gentle, low-impact, low-contact movements, Tai Chi Chuan is an ideal art for all ages and levels of fitness. The graceful movements also help improve balance, encourage good circulation, and promote stress reduction. Beginner classes are 30 minutes and participants are introduced to basic tai chi movements and principles. Continuing classes are 60 minutes with students learning advanced forms, two-person exercises, and self-defense and may optionally engage in weapons training. Instructor David Carr has been practicing Tai Chi Quan for over 30 years.

Bolly X*

BollyX is the Bollywood workout! Inspired and driven by the heart-pumping, energetic rhythms of Bollywood, the film industry of India, BollyX is cross-dynamic choreography with high-intensity interval training (HIIT), burning up to 800 calories per class. Join the community where participants support each other and work as a team to empower everyone to unleash their inner rockstar! *Drop-ins welcome for just $9/class for members ($11 non-member). Pay at the desk when you arrive for class!

Belly Dancing

Got Hips? Belly Dance builds the foundation with technique, drills and skill while exploring different belly dance styles, choreography, body awareness and performance ability. Levels for beginner through advanced.


Strong & Fit in 45

Perfect total body workout led by an expert trainer who will motivate and inspire. The class focuses on using functional training, high-intensity conditioning, and strength exercises to achieve a variety of fitness goals.

Ready to Lose! 

Motivating small group training focuses on weight loss maintenance and body fat reduction to improve your physical ability and overall health. This class combines a variety of exercises and equipment to create a fat-burning workout intended for participants who want to look and feel great this Summer! Fitness measurements can be used to monitor progress if desired.


Tai Chi for Health

The Tai Chi for Health Practice Classes have minimal instruction. They allow the student to just follow along to relax and focus on relieving stress and maintaining health and vitality. Through breath/energy exercises such as Neigongs, Chi Gongs & Circles and a sequence of graceful, slow-flowing movements called the Form, students will discover why, for centuries, many have practiced Tai Chi’s unique approach in providing balance and well-being. Intermediate and advanced sessions are offered.

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