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Personal Training

If you like the idea of getting or staying in shape with one-on-one attention, Fox Fitness offers personal training at our Vaughan Athletic Center and our Eola and Prisco Community Centers with one of our certified staff.

New members of Fox Fitness can receive a free consultation with one of our certified trainers. Components and benefits of a Kickstart may include assistance with defining your goals, assessing your baseline health levels, learning about our cardio and strength equipment, and tips on how to develop your own workout program. This is an opportune time to start off on the right foot and learn how Personal Training can benefit your fitness journey! Contact us to set up your free 1-hour consultation with a trainer.

After you purchase your Personal Training package, contact your trainer directly. Are you looking for a Personal Trainer? Contact us directly at

Having a personal trainer contributes to greater health and wellness for people of any age or level of fitness. The diverse benefits of working with one of our certified trainers include:

  • One-on-one attention for faster, more efficient results
  • Workouts tailored to your fitness approach and personality
  • More lean muscle and less body fat
  • Reduced stress and a boost to mental health
  • Enhanced physical health and immune system
  • Proper form and technique for a lesser chance of injury
  • Preparation for different sporting activities
  • Motivation for making progress
  • Accountability in maintaining your routine


You also can have your fitness program emphasize a particular goal, such as:

  • Strength training
  • Flexibility
  • Core training
  • Treatment/rehabilitation of neuromuscular disabilities
  • Performance training
  • Staying healthy during pregnancy
  • Functional anatomy training
  • Weight loss

The Fox Fitness program provides nutritional consultation as well.

Look and feel even better with results both you and others will notice. Get started on a steady, focused fitness program designed especially for you by your own personal trainer. Contact us at (630) 907-9600 today to discover more about personal training at Fox Fitness.

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